Music runs in the family for CB30. The duo, made up of real-life brothers Christian and Brody Clementi, grew up surrounded by music. Their father, Jay Clementi, and grandfather played music together and it wasn’t long before Christian and Brody followed in their family’s footsteps.

“Brody and I grew up around bands and around him having songwriters in and out of the house,” Christian says of their father, Jay, whose band The Lucky Bucks signed to Warner Records in the early 2000s. Eventually, Jay focused more on songwriting and has since co-written songs for Luke Bryan, Darius Rucker and Martina McBride.

Christian, 20, started playing guitar in middle school. Early on he learned to play Justin Bieber covers while Brody, 17, would harmonize. It took a football injury for the Clementi family to realize music was in the brothers’ future.

“I got a concussion one year in football and took a year off,” Christian recalls. “I was in seventh grade and our dad was like, ‘Well, we should do something productive with our time.’ We were already playing guitar and singing a little bit so he's like, ‘Let's try to write a song.’”

Christian and Brody wrote a song titled “Be My Girl” with their father. Brody started singing harmony alongside Christian and CB30 was born. While Jay was writing with and producing his sons in their early years, now Christian is at the helm co-writing and working with producers Paul DiGiovanni (Jordan Davis, Adam Hambrick) and Pete Good (Brandon Ratcliff) on the band’s newest material.

CB30 gets its band name from the siblings’ first initials while 30 signifies the day of the month they were both born. Christian’s birthday is May 30 while Brody’s is March 30. The duo cites Bieber, Luke Bryan, Bruno Mars, Dan + Shay and Jason Aldean as early influences as well as their father’s band.

“Growing up, we listened to everything,” Christian says. “We listened to pop radio, we listened to rap, and we listened to country. Our influences vary from all over the place.”

Bryan took Christian and Brody under his wing once he learned they could sing. The Clementi family attended Bryan’s concert at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena in 2016 and visited the singer on his bus after the show. The brothers had recently performed at a benefit concert and their mom had a video on her phone from the show and played it for Bryan.

At that time, Christian and Brody had known Bryan for seven years. They grew up at his house, frequented his farm and played with his kids but never revealed that they could sing. Once Bryan saw the video of them performing, he gave them tips on the music industry and a game plan for their career. His belief in CB30 helped give the duo the confidence to pursue a career in music.

“He always told us to be ourselves,” Brody says.

It’s this advice that CB30 took to heart. Whether its creating videos on TikTok for the band’s 2.5 million followers or writing personal songs for the world to hear, CB30 continues to leave its mark on listeners.

CB30 signed a record deal with Buena Vista Records, a partnership between Disney Music Group and Universal Music Group Nashville, in 2017. The duo also signed a publishing deal with Sony Music Publishing and a management deal with Kerri Edwards that year.

Since signing its first deal, CB30 has fine-tuned their sound and developed a dedicated fan base. The band also has performed at several stadiums opening for Bryan as well as played at Stagecoach Festival, growing their fan base along the way.

TikTok has been a major help in establishing the duo ahead of the release of new music. Brody mans the video-sharing platform. He started the band’s TikTok account while Christian was at football practice and had the idea of singing their order at drive-throughs.

“We went to a McDonald's Drive Thru and sang our order and then that blew up to 12 million views on TikTok,” Brody says. “Then we just kept doing that. That's how it all started.”

As CB30’s fan base grows, so does the demand for music. The duo’s first set of new music in 2021 includes “Healthy,” an infectious pop-country song with a pulsating beat and memorable harmonies. Christian wrote “Healthy,” a song about a toxic relationship, with Pete Good, Brandon Ratcliff and Dean Fields.

“I probably shouldn’t but I do anyway/ ’Cause one kiss a day will keep the lonely away,” CB30 sings on the arena-ready chorus.

“This song is a step up from our old music,” Brody says of “Healthy.” “It’s more mature and I love the upbeat funkiness of it. Christian called me from the studio and sang four words of the chorus and I loved it.”