Check out the debut single from Christian & Brody Clementi!

Ever since we discovered CB30 late last year, we knew huge things would be in store for 2018! If you haven't heard of the guys before, CB30 is comprised of brothers Christian and Brody Clementi. They were both born on the 30th (May and March respectively), which is why they're called CB30.

Christian and Brody grew up surrounded by music in Nashville, where their talents were eventually discovered by country music superstar Luke Bryan! The guys signed a major label deal and we're thrilled to exclusively premiere their debut music video, "Cool If You Wanna."

"Cool If You Wanna” is all about being in a relationship, but not necessarily dating yet," they say. "Let the girl decide what she wants to call it because I’m 'cool' with whatever." The music video is amazing and even features their real-life grandparents! 

So what can fans expect from CB30 this year? "Our plan is to continue writing a bunch of new songs, releasing new music and meeting as many fans possible," they share. "We look forward to getting the band out on the road this year to play more live shows."

We can't wait either! It's so cool to see hardworking artists (who love their families) making it happen. “Success is when preparation meets opportunity," they say. "You can do anything you put your mind to and work hard for!"

Watch the exclusive premiere of "Cool If You Wanna" below!




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